Silva Regal Spanish
Silva Regal Spanish

Our History

Lorenzo Silva De Los Ríos, eldest of 8 brothers and 5 sisters began the production of their own olive oil and olives in 1950´s Malaga, South of Spain.

His mission was to find the best olive harvest in the area to produce the most superior quality of olive oil branded under the family name SILVA DE LOS RÍOS.

In Post War Spain and under harsh dictatorship rule, times were hard for the family business. Simply obtaining a license to export was difficult but the family persevered and was able to export throughout Europe creating a name for quality.

Back then trucking the precious oil cargo on Spanish roads was often treacherous, as “bandoleros” (vigilantes) were always ready to rob any unsuspecting merchant.

With the end of the dictatorship Spain´s trading options expanded with the rest of the world; the family SILVA DE LOS RÍOS embraced the new opportunities and technologies available to increase production and improve quality.

Today, Lorenzo Silva Martos CEO of the American branch brings the same QUALITY and HERITAGE for brand SILVA REGAL SPANISH to the United States.