Silva Regal Spanish
Silva Regal Spanish


Our American corporation ACA USA Inc. was created on May 1st 2012, trading as SILVA REGAL SPANISH; Importing “The Finest SPANISH Cuisine”.

As an American Company with a strong Spanish Heritage, we chose Andalusia Spain for our first imports. Not just because of the high quality produce here, but because we also know the culture, the producers, and how the industry works. We have invested years of our time and effort into building close relationships with our factories, who we know will always provide us with the quality of product that the US Market demands.

Our factories can always be relied upon to meet deadlines, and provide product on demand. And we know all of our factories will have a reliable representative constantly checking quality control, giving us the best of produce under strict FDA regulation.

Origin, Purity and Harvest

A Study in 2011 by the researchers of The University of California concluded that 69% of imported European Olive Oil sold as Extra Virgin was not what it claimed to be. Here at SILVA REGAL SPANISH, all our products can be traced right back to original Spanish production and harvest with FULL ANALYTICS tested by Spanish laboratories.

All our Oils are Nitrogen Sealed to retain same day bottled freshness. So you can be sure that what we say is what you get.